We acted for a delightful young man (aged only 3 at the time of his accident) who was playing in a soft play area in an adventure centre owned by a company in Swindon, when, he fell from the top of some padded steps, landing on some hard ground. In an attempt to break his fall, he fractured his left wrist. He had to be taken to hospital and a soft cast was applied and he had fully recovered from his injury within about 6 weeks of his accident. He also suffered some minor bruising to his face which also cleared up within a few weeks. No long term medical problems were anticipated. It was our case that:-

  • the duty owed to our client by the play centre was very high;
  • the steps in question were steep – it was likely that children might fall;
  • in light of this risk, the ground was too hard and this type of injury was foreseeable.

After sending a letter of claim to the owner of the play centre, their insurers made an early admission of liability which saved issuing personal injury proceedings and we were able to reach an early settlement. As our client is still a young child, the settlement needed to be approved by the Judge at Swindon County Court.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £3,250 for this client during 2012