We acted for a woman (aged 62) who was attending her stepdaughter’s wedding at a hotel in Gloucester during February 2009. During the evening reception, she slipped on some food which had fallen on a highly polished floor, causing her to lose her balance and fall over and fracture her right dominant wrist. The wrist was manipulated back into shape and she had to wear a plaster cast for a short while. Fortunately, she made a good recovery from this injury although she will be left with some minor residual symptoms.

The insurers of the hotel in question disputed liability for this accident. They maintained that the floor was safe and our client had been the author of her own accident. Proceedings had to be issued at the County Court and once the insurers appointed their own solicitors to represent the hotel, we were able to negotiate a settlement on behalf of our client.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £9,000 for this client in 2012.