We acted for the parents of a young girl who was only aged 6 at the time of her accident. Briefly, during March 2010, her parents had booked a holiday with Thomas Cook staying at a resort in Turkey. The contract provided for both flights and accommodation thus triggering the Package Holidays & Package Tours Regulations 1992 – the upshot is that her case could be heard in England under English law. On the 17 April 2010, whilst on holiday, our client slipped on a wet step, close to the swimming pool at the hotel the family were staying, which caused her to fall and sustain a number of facial injuries including the loss of four of her front milk teeth. She was taken to hospital and received dental treatment both in Turkey and upon her return to the UK.

It was our case that the step in question was too slippery and appropriate safeguards including anti-slip rubber grips would have prevented the accident. A letter of claim was sent to Thomas Cook and their solicitors initially denied liability. After threatening to issue proceedings, they reconsidered their position and we were eventually able to negotiate a settlement on behalf of our client.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £4,500 for this client in 2011