We acted for the mother of a delightful young lady (only aged 10) who was involved in accident in Swindon during October 2011. On the day in question, she was playing in a play area owned by the Defendant when she swung from an item of play equipment suspended from the ceiling and it gave way, causing her to fall awkwardly to the floor. Unfortunately, she sustained two fractures to her left ankle and had to be admitted to hospital and later underwent surgery for a closed manipulation. A below knee plaster cast then had to be worn for 6 weeks and she was off school for a week. The fractures soon healed in an acceptable position and her prognosis for a full recovery in time was encouraging.

A letter of claim was sent to the Defendant whose insurers denied liability. They maintained that the play area was safe and this accident could not have been prevented. We disagreed. We therefore had to issue proceedings on behalf of our client and shortly after the insurers appointed solicitors, the parties were able to reach a settlement and as our client was still a child, this was approved by the Court.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £6,000 for this client during 2013