One of our clients (aged 32) had been working as an agency employee at an import/export company in Swindon. During February 2012, whilst helping to unload one of their lorries, a large box fell from the back of the lorry, landing on his head, which caused him to fall over. This was due to the negligence of a fellow employee.

Our client had to be taken by ambulance to hospital where he was treated for a very severe whiplash injury to his neck and spine. Later, he was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, which caused changes to his personality. The good news is that, with an extensive course of CBT, the prognosis for a complete, or near complete, recovery was very encouraging.

Although he was then periodically off work because of his injuries and sustained a small loss of earnings, the main part of his compensation claim was for damages for the physical and psychological injuries caused by the accident. He was anxious that his compensation claim was concluded as soon as possible. After corresponding with the insurers of his employer, we were able to reach a settlement without the need to issue proceedings.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £52,400 for this client during 2013