Our client (who is now aged 56) sought our advice about a number of accidents which he had had at work during previous years. At the time of each of his accidents, he had been employed by the same company as a bus driver. In October 2008, he was stepping down from the door of a bus when he missed the step and fell, striking his back on the step. In February 2009, he had two falls in the main yard at his place of work when he slipped on ice. In January 2010, he had three or four falls in the course of a few days as a result of ice on the ground and, on each occasion, he landed on his back. Finally, in April 2010, he aggravated his back symptoms when cleaning a bus. His immobility following his most recent accident caused him to develop a DVT.

This was a difficult claim to quantify. We were advised by our medical experts that our client’s accidents had accelerated pre-existing symptoms in his lumbar spine by a period of 18 to 24 months, as well as contributing to his DVT. There is a small risk that he may develop a further DVT in the future. Notwithstanding his problems, our client is fit for work, albeit he would have to find alternative employment.

Proceedings had to be issued against his employer and we were then able to settle his claim.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £40,000 for this client in 2011