In our client’s own words:

“When I initially approached SJ Edney Solicitors, the conversation was easy despite my initial thoughts about how I would explain my son’s complex situation. The case was complex and the journey through the legal system arduous, which we would never have managed without the help of Mary Smith.

We always had the experience of feeling listened to and respected, which is what we had not had through the service we were taking action against. We always felt that Mary was on our side, which never swayed, and there was no pre judgment from her or anyone we had close contact with, instead, steady legal arguments that may be presented from the ‘other side’. We felt that the case was well managed and thought through at every junction, and at each important point we were always informed. I would also say that the expertise of the firm is quite simply clever and knowledgeable.

On a more personal level I thought Mary really wanted to help, which is a difficult balance to maintain alongside being professional – but she succeeded with this every time. We had ongoing issues related to the case that Mary advised us with, she didn’t have to do this so it was easy to see that she was personally aware of our plight too. The process was ultimately cathartic as well as successful. I would recommend SJ Edney for all of the reasons above, and would urge anyone to at least sound them out for an opinion – in my experience they will always give you an honest legal opinion.”