Previous back condition exacerbated £5,000

We acted for a sergeant in the RAF who, in November 2003, was a member of the world famous RAF Falcons parachute display team undergoing training in South Africa. At one point, our client was squatting next to a fence as he was getting ready to jump, when he was suddenly and unexpectedly pushed to the ground from behind by one of his officers. As a result, he fell heavily onto his right buttock which in turn exacerbated a previous back condition. Sadly, this prevented him from returning to parachuting. No one suggested that his officer had acted with any malice and he was only engaging in horseplay but nevertheless, he should have appreciated that he might cause an injury to our client.

The MOD disputed liability and proceedings had to be issued. This was a very difficult case as there were also arguments on causation. It only settled a week before Trial.

SJ Edney solicitors obtained £5,000 for this client in 2008