One of our clients (who is now aged 42) developed a bad back during the course of her employment with the Defendant, a company based in Swindon, during 2006. Her job title changed and she was now expected to do heavy work which in turn caused her to suffer from back pain. It was our case that this new job required tasks which were in breach of the Manual Handling Regulations. She was off work from about November 2006 to May 2007, some 6 months.

The party’s medical experts disagreed as to the cause of her back pain. The Defendant’s expert took the view that her back pain was coincidental with her work rather than a consequence of it. Our medical expert disagreed. Fortunately, our client was able to return to work and provided she was careful she is able to her manage her back pain. Proceedings had to be issued at Court and the parties were eventually able to reach a satisfactory settlement.

S J Edney solicitors obtained damages of £6,000 for this client in 2009.