We acted for a lady (aged 42) who suffered a brain haemorrhage following a relatively minor car accident. Whilst she was able to walk away from the scene of the accident, later that evening she developed a severe (‘thunderclap’ ) headache and began vomitting. Following assessment at hospital, she was diagnosed with a brain haemorhage, for which she required surgery and a long period of rehabilitation.

The Defendant’s Insurer disputed that the accident caused the brain haemorrhage, alleging that it was a relatively low speed collision and that there were other, more plausable, causes for the brain haemorrhage. Whilst our Expert Neurosurgeon agreed that the injury would have occurred at some stage in the future, he felt that the accident caused the bleed to occur between five and ten years earlier than it would otherwise have done.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £76,000 for this client during 2014