One of our clients (aged 68), who lives in London, was unhappy with treatment which she received from her doctor at the Benenden Hospital in Kent. She was unhappy with a bunion on her right big toe and she arranged to see this doctor privately in order to have it removed. The operation itself took place in May 2006 but she has now been left with mobility problems following this procedure.

Our independent medical expert confirmed in his report that the operation had not been performed to an acceptable standard. She now requires further surgery which, according to our expert, will improve her symptoms.

We corresponded with the MDU of the doctor in question and they initially offered £2,000 , then later £8,500 , in settlement of her claim. Both offers were rejected. After threatening to issue proceedings, they eventually increased their offer to a figure which our client was happy with.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained £10,000 for this client during 2009