Our client (aged 44) was employed as a Care Assistant at a Nursing Home in Trowbridge. She received very little (if any) training in infection control measures. As part of her duties, she was required to wash and dress a number of elderly residents. She was prone to suffering from eczema which her employer knew. She then developed MRSA and later discovered that two of the residents at the home also had this infection.

It was our case that on balance she probably caught the infection whilst employed by the nursing home. MRSA cases are notoriously difficult to win but after obtaining an expert’s opinion there was strong evidence to support our position that she caught it whilst working at the home. Although liability was initially disputed, once we disclosed our expert evidence a settlement was achieved for our client. Fortunately, she recovered from this infection within a relatively shortly period of time and it will have no impact on her ability to work.

SJ Edney solicitors obtained £6,000 for this client in 2009

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