Ischaemic stroke caused by delayed diagnosis of perforated colon

We acted for a client in a claim for personal injury, loss and damage as a result of a clinical negligence. He is a patient and brought this action by his wife and Litigation Friend. Between the 11 March and 03 April 2010, our client (who was then aged 46), was under the care of the medical and nurs [...]

7th May 2020|

Delay in diagnosing and treating a stroke, £318,000 settlement

We have been acting for a client who was unhappy with treatment he received at Great Western Hospital. During February 2012 (when he was only aged 48), he was admitted to the hospital complaining of a number of neurological symptoms (headache, dizziness and general unsteadiness). He was, however, ad [...]

19th September 2016|

Brain haemorrhage caused by car accident £76,000

We acted for a lady (aged 42) who suffered a brain haemorrhage following a relatively minor car accident. Whilst she was able to walk away from the scene of the accident, later that evening she developed a severe (‘thunderclap’ ) headache and began vomitting. Following assessment at hospital, she wa [...]

1st March 2014|

Accident abroad £180,000

One of our clients (aged 51 at the time) was involved in an accident whilst on holiday in Ibiza, Spain during 2005. Briefly, during September 2005 she, her daughter and grandson went on a short holiday. At one point, in order to use one of the toilets at the hotel premises, she had to walk down a fl [...]

1st March 2013|

Physiotherapist’s negligence £835,000

We acted for a client who was unhappy with the medical treatment which she received during June 2008 when he was aged 53. Briefly, he had been complaining of ongoing back and sciatic pain since May 2008 and his GP referred him to the Back Clinic at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon where he was [...]

1st March 2013|

Road accident causing brain injury

We are acting for a young man (now aged 17) who was involved in a road accident in Gloucester during May 2007. His parents had consulted another solicitor and were told that their son did not have a personal injury claim and they had come to our firm for a second opinion. This was a difficult case. [...]

25th February 2011|

Failure to diagnose brain tumour £45,000

In November 2002, one of our clients approached his GP complaining of neurological symptoms. Investigations were carried out and multiple sclerosis was suspected. Due to ongoing symptoms. including double vision, an MRI scan was carried out at Great Western Hospital during December 2002. Medical Ac [...]

25th February 2011|
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