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Cyclist suffers fractured knee from being hit by car

In November 2014, our client (who was aged 54) was cycling to work when she was involved in a collision with a car, which pulled across her path. The accident was the fault of the car driver. She was thrown across the bonnet and her left knee suffered a nasty injury, having been trapped. She was tak [...]

2nd June 2017|

Cyclist hit by car sustains multiple injuries £70,000

We acted for a man in his 30’s, who was knocked from his bike by a car, when cycling over a roundabout on his commute to work. He sustained a compression fracture to his spine and soft-tissue injuries to his shoulder and wrist. As a consequence of his injuries, he had to take a number of months off [...]

25th February 2016|

Cyclist hit by a van suffers numerous soft tissue injuries £18,750

We acted for a client (now aged 70) who was knocked off his bicycle by a van who pulled into his path and failed to stop. Our client sustained a number of soft tissue injuries to his face, upper torso, neck, right shoulder and there was a risk of nerve damage in his right arm. He was partly to blame [...]

25th February 2015|

Fractured hip and dislocated shoulder from falling off bike £21,000

We acted for a gentleman in his 80s who suffered a fractured hip and dislocation of his shoulder, when he fell from his bicycle whilst being chased by a dog in a park. His shoulder relocated itself, but he had to undergo total hip replacement surgery, from which he made excellent progress. The Defen [...]

19th February 2014|

Collision with a foxhound £35,000

We acted for a cyclist (aged 63) who was cycling along a country lane near to Cheltenham, Glos during June 2011, when a foxhound from a farmers hunt accidentally collided with his bicycle, causing him to fall to the ground and fracture his left shoulder. It was a serious fracture and he was admitted [...]

19th February 2012|

Road accident involving cyclist £90,000

We acted for a physiotherapist (a woman aged 42) from Sevenoaks who was riding her bicycle in this town in September 2008. She remembers cycling along the outside of the traffic when she saw a car approaching her in the opposite direction. She pulled in to get out of the way of this car; she then sa [...]

25th February 2011|

RTA at roundabout in Swindon £46,250

One of our clients (aged 42) sustained a number of serious injuries when he was knocked off his bicycle by a motorist at a roundabout in Swindon. His injuries included fractures to his left elbow, right wrist and right thumb, together with extensive facial lacerations. Psychologically, he was also i [...]

25th February 2011|

Road accident causing brain injury

We are acting for a young man (now aged 17) who was involved in a road accident in Gloucester during May 2007. His parents had consulted another solicitor and were told that their son did not have a personal injury claim and they had come to our firm for a second opinion. This was a difficult case. [...]

25th February 2011|
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