18-month delay in diagnosis of prostate cancer

We have been acting for a delightful client (now aged 80) who was unhappy with treatment he received from his GP in Swindon during March 2016. Briefly, in March 2016, our client saw his GP complaining of loose stools, weight loss and general malaise. A number of blood tests were performed, including [...]

28th April 2021|

Compensation for GP’s delayed diagnosis of breast cancer

S J Edney Solicitors were successful in securing compensation for a 50-year-old lady who suffered an 18-month delay in the diagnosis of breast cancer. In June 2013, our Client attended her GP and reported the lump in her breast. She was examined and told that it was likely to be a muscle overlying h [...]

19th December 2018|

Misdiagnosis by SEQOL GP leads to patient’s death

In this very sad case, we acted for a client who was unhappy with medical treatment which her late husband received from the out of hours GP service, known as SEQOL, based at Great Western Hospital in Swindon. Briefly, at the material time, the deceased (who was aged 72) suffered from chronic obstru [...]

31st October 2017|

Wrongly prescribed medication in pregnancy £3,500

Our client, a lady in her mid-20’s, was wrongly prescribed the drug Trimethoprim by her GP for a urine infection during pregnancy. It was not until she was a few days into her course of the antibiotic that the mistake was realised. For the remainder of her pregnancy, our client had to undergo additi [...]

21st February 2016|

Failure to renew a repeat prescription £10,000

We acted for a client (aged 32) who was unhappy with treatment which he received from a locum GP at his GP surgery in Swindon. Briefly, he had been diagnosed with epilepsy in 1999. During August 2010, he e-mailed his GP surgery with a request for a repeat prescription of his medication. This was his [...]

21st February 2013|

Delay in diagnosing a detached retina £20,000

We acted for a client (aged 72) who was unhappy with treatment which he received from an out-of-hours GP in Swindon during November 2010. He was complaining of distorted vision in one of his eyes and the GP failed to refer him as an emergency to hospital for investigation. He then had the serious mi [...]

1st March 2012|

Delay in treating a myocardial infarction £42,500

One of our clients (now 62) brought a claim for damages against his former GP. In July 2007, he attended his GP surgery complaining of cardiac symptoms. His doctor failed to refer him immediately to hospital for investigation and treatment following his attendance at . The following day, he suffered [...]

21st February 2012|

An unnecessary total thyroidectomy £17,500

During 2008, one of our clients (aged 26) attended her GP complaining of a lump in her throat. The GP thought that it might be a thyroid lump and, eventually, she was referred to Great Western Hospital for investigation. During the course of one of her consultations, she was advised that it was like [...]

21st February 2012|
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