Medical note for light duties ignored £1,500

We acted for one of Honda’s employees (aged 40) who was unhappy with how he had been treated by his employer. Briefly, during August 2010, he underwent spinal surgery to help cure a longstanding back problem. His treating doctor signed a sick note for him which specifically told Honda that he should [...]

28th February 2012|

Back injury caused by unsafe work practice £15,500

Our client (aged 29) was employed as a productive operative by Honda at their car factory in Swindon. During the course of his employment he undertook a number of tasks which required him to turn and twist his body into various positions and he found this to be difficult as he was very tall. There w [...]

28th February 2009|

Worker complained to his employer about back pain £44,000

In a difficult case, our client (who was only 29) was an employee at Honda’s car factory in Swindon. From about 2001 up until dismissal in 2007 he had been complaining to his employer of back pain. It transpired that a number of restrictions which had been placed on his employment by occupational he [...]

28th February 2008|

Back injury sustained from lifting £7,000

In another Honda case, our client (aged 29) was working in their Weld department when during March 2005, he was attempting to lift some parts from the bottom of a metal stillage when he sustained a back injury. It subsequently transpired that he did in fact have a prolapse disc which required surger [...]

28th February 2008|

Carrying accident cut forearm and damaged a nerve £55,000

One of our clients worked at Honda’s Car Factory in Swindon. He was instructed by his employer to carry some car panels down some stairs. As he was attempting to do so, he dropped one of the panels, which cut his right forearm and damaged a nerve. This injury led to a loss of function in his right h [...]

28th February 2005|
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