Rare Neglect Verdict at Inquest & Medical Negligence Claim

S J Edney solicitors were instructed to represent the family of an elderly lady (‘H’) who was in her 80’s, in connection with an Inquest after her death and subsequent clinical negligence claim. H had an enterocutaneous abdominal fistula secondary to earlier laparotomy surgeries.

6th January 2020|

VERDICT on the Death of Terrence ‘Terry’ George

Following an Inquest held on 14 June 2017, the Coroner concluded that Mr George: “died from severe gallstone pancreatitis without a date having been set for a necessary gallstone surgery within the recommended timescale (2 weeks) following a previous pancreatitis episode on the 9th August 2015. The [...]

19th December 2017|

Inquest into the Death of Terrence ‘Terry’ George

Terrence (‘Terry’) George, a 72-year-old father and grandfather from Polgooth, St Austell, died on 7 January 2016 at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro, after suffering from an attack of pancreatitis caused by gallstones. His condition should have been straightforward to treat. Due to a plethora of [...]

12th June 2017|

Death of a baby due to rare complication of jaundice £35,000

Kernicterus is a rare complication of neonatal jaundice, caused when the bilirubin level in the blood rises to such a level that it crosses the blood-brain barrier, causing damage to the brain and spinal cord. Our clients repeatedly told the community midwives that attended after their baby’s birth [...]

20th February 2016|

Emma Cadywould

Emma Cadywould was a 32-year-old, highly-accomplished mother of a six-month-old baby. She lost her life in December 2011 after making her way to a railway track and being hit by a train. Emma had been experiencing severe perinatal (or ‘postnatal’) depression. She had been under the care of Avon &amp [...]

25th February 2012|

Infected kidney transplant £300,000

In this very sad case, we acted for the husband of a young woman (only aged 37) who, during 2009, underwent a donor renal transplant at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford. Due to a transcription error, she was given an infected kidney. The error did not come to light until much later and, by then, the [...]

25th February 2012|

Avoidable death £19,750

In this sad case, we acted for the husband at the Inquest into his wife’s death. Briefly, on 22nd December 2008, she took an overdose of paracetamol tablets. She took the first six tablets at 8.30am and a further eight tablets at 10.30am. She was conveyed to Cheltenham General Hospital by ambulance [...]

25th February 2011|

The unlawful killing of Mayra Cabrera

Our firm have been acting for Arnel Cabrera, the widower of Mrs Mayra Cabrera who died at Great Western Hospital (GWH) in Swindon on 11th May 2004, shortly following childbirth. Mayra Cabrera GWH Swindon The background to this very sad case is as follows: Mayra was only aged 30 at the time of her [...]

25th February 2008|

Timothy Crook – Independent Inquiry

We acted for Mrs Janice Lawrence, the sister of Mr Timothy Crook who was charged with the homicide of both his parents (Robert and Elsie Crook) during July 2007. He had been living with them at their bungalow in Swindon since 2003. He been suffering from a delusional disorder for some time and his f [...]

25th February 2007|

Post-traumatic stress disorder caused by accident £17,000

We were instructed by a young man (aged 28) who was involved in a terrifying road traffic accident during March 2006. He had been travelling as a front seat passenger in a friend’s car when it collided with another vehicle. Both drivers died. We represented our client at the Inquest on a pro bono ba [...]

25th February 2007|
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