Accident abroad £180,000

One of our clients (aged 51 at the time) was involved in an accident whilst on holiday in Ibiza, Spain during 2005. Briefly, during September 2005 she, her daughter and grandson went on a short holiday. At one point, in order to use one of the toilets at the hotel premises, she had to walk down a fl [...]

1st March 2013|

Criminal Injuries Compensation Award £32,000

We acted for the parents of a young man (aged 13) who suffered a horrific injury in March 2012. Briefly, he and three other boys were returning from their school in Swindon. They began to play around and one of the boys threw a stick at our client which, unfortunately, hit his left eye, leaving him [...]

1st March 2013|

Defective lift £69,000

We acted for a delightful elderly client (now aged 94) who was involved in a terrible accident at her home in September 2010. Briefly, on the day in question, she fell from a malfunctioning through-floor lift, falling a distance of some 3ft to the ground, causing a fracture to her left femur. She wa [...]

25th February 2013|

Serious knee injury £125,000

One of our clients (aged 52 at the time) was involved in an accident during March 2008 when she tripped over a builders line as she was walking towards an office. At the time, she was working as a volunteer at a charity. As a result of her accident, she sustained a number of injuries including a fra [...]

1st March 2012|

Unsafe ankle boots £10,000

One of our clients (aged 52 at the time) purchased some ankle boots from a shoe shop in the outlet village in Swindon during November 2008. During December 2008, whilst she was out shopping wearing her new ankle boots, she slipped and fell due to a defect in one of the heels (it had not been properl [...]

25th February 2012|

Scalding injury £4,000

We acted for a delightful lady (aged 86) who suffered a scalding injury at her home in Swindon during September 2009. On the day in question, she was receiving care from an employee of a care agency. This employee filled two hot water bottles and placed them behind our client’s back to make her more [...]

25th February 2012|

Collision with a foxhound £35,000

We acted for a cyclist (aged 63) who was cycling along a country lane near to Cheltenham, Glos during June 2011, when a foxhound from a farmers hunt accidentally collided with his bicycle, causing him to fall to the ground and fracture his left shoulder. It was a serious fracture and he was admitted [...]

19th February 2012|

Knocked over by a nightclub bouncer £4,010

We acted for a client (aged 35) who together with some friends visited a nightclub in Gloucester during May 2010. During the early hours of the morning, a fight broke out near the bar area and a member of the club’s security staff (who was running towards the disturbance) accidentally collided with [...]

1st March 2011|

Falling off a ladder £8,500

We acted for our client (aged 46) who worked at a warehouse in Swindon. On 3rd April 2009, she was asked by her manager to do some stock checks. To do so, she had to stand on a metal A-frame ladder. A fellow employee accidentally collided with the ladder, causing her to lose her balance and fall, la [...]

28th February 2011|

Soft tissue injury to left leg £2,300

We acted for the wife (aged 34) of a soldier based at Dalton barracks in Oxfordshire. On 9th July 2010, she was walking past the main guardroom when the soldier on duty lowered the barrier; it inadvertently struck her left leg, causing a soft tissue injury. It took her about 12 months before she was [...]

28th February 2011|
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