Accident at hotel £12,500

One of our clients (aged 58), who is registered disabled, stumbled on some defective steps while attending a social occasion on 18th September 2010 at a hotel in Cheltenham. The steps in question gave way under his weight, causing him to fall and land on his right knee. Unfortunately, this accident [...]

25th February 2011|

Faulty examination couch £5,835

A bizarre accident happened to our client (aged 41) while attending a routine hospital consultation on 4th August 2009. She was asked lie down on the examination couch, which was being elevated. When it reached the top, the mechanism failed and the couch dropped vertically some 12 to 18 inches, caus [...]

25th February 2011|

Manhole accident £3,750

One of our clients (aged 63) had a nasty accident just outside his home in Priory Vale, Swindon. In April 2009, he was walking in the communal garden when he stepped on manhole cover which collapsed beneath him, causing him to fall into it and suffer lacerations to both his legs. Fortunately, he mad [...]

25th February 2009|

Builders’ scaffolding injures foot £10,000

In one of the most unusual cases which we were involved in during 2008, a client of ours (aged 62), walked into his garden and accidentally stood on a protruding nail, which penetrated one of his feet. This nail had fallen from some builders’ scaffolding at an adjoining property. To begin with, the [...]

25th February 2008|

Hotel chair collapses damaging ear drum £20,750

Our client (aged 67) and his wife were staying at a hotel in Manchester prior to catching a flight to South America the following day. Our client was sitting in one of the hotel chairs when it collapsed underneath him, causing him to land heavily on the floor. He sustained a number of soft tissue in [...]

25th February 2008|

Nightclub door causes cut to face £7,500

We acted for a young man (aged 19) who visited a nightclub at the University of Essex during January 2006. At one point, he went to use the men’s toilets when the main door to the toilet was suddenly flung open and its edge caught his left eye and forehead, leaving him with a nasty cut on his face. [...]

25th February 2008|
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