Orthodontic hook left in surgical wound £35,000

We have been acting for a client (now aged 40) who is unhappy with treatment she received at Great Western Hospital during 2012. Briefly, she had an orthodontic brace fitted to her mouth in readiness for surgery to reposition her jaw. During the surgery, a hook from the brace came away and became em [...]

25th February 2015|

Fragment of a surgical instrument left in a patient £10,000

We acted for a client (aged 59) who underwent a bilateral knee arthroscopy during August 2006 at Great Western Hospital in Swindon. During the course of the surgery, the tip of a surgical blade broke off and migrated into the back of his left knee joint. The surgeon was unable to retrieve this tip a [...]

25th February 2014|

Skin graft error £6,250

We acted for a delightful client (aged 77) who was unhappy with medical treatment which she received at the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, West Sussex during September 2012. Briefly, she had been admitted to this hospital following an accident at home when she injured her left shin, caus [...]

25th February 2013|

Unsafe ankle boots £10,000

One of our clients (aged 52 at the time) purchased some ankle boots from a shoe shop in the outlet village in Swindon during November 2008. During December 2008, whilst she was out shopping wearing her new ankle boots, she slipped and fell due to a defect in one of the heels (it had not been properl [...]

25th February 2012|

Failure to remove a central line guide wire £175,000

We have been acting for a client (who is now aged 49) who was unhappy with medical treatment which he received at the old Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) in Swindon during 1995. Briefly, he was under the care of the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford for cardiac-like symptoms and, during March 2008, [...]

25th February 2012|

Faulty cardiac defibrillator £14,500

We acted for a young lady (only aged 21) who, in December 2006, had been fitted with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) for an irregular heartbeat. Unfortunately, during early April 2008, the ICD bleeper went off due twice to a defect in one of its leads. She had to undergo further surg [...]

25th February 2011|

Haemothorax due to delayed diagnosis £3,000

Our client (who is now aged 61) was unhappy with treatment which he received at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. On 10th May 2006, he had an internal cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) fitted at the Heart hospital in London. On 22nd May 2006, he was admitted to the RUH complaining of an acute stabbi [...]

25th February 2009|

Excessive dose of UVA light caused severe burns and blistering £6,000

A client (aged 44) attended the Great Western Hospital in Swindon for a course of treatment for psoriasis affecting both her hands and feet. She was accidentally exposed to an excessive dose of UVA light which caused severe burns and blistering to both her feet. After writing to the hospital, they a [...]

25th February 2008|
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