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Undiagnosed abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA)

We have been acting for a Mr Philip McLeod, the husband of Catherine, a much loved wife and mother who sadly died on 12 December 2020 aged 70. The family are unhappy with treatment she received at various hospitals in the West Country prior to her death. Briefly, Cath had a longstanding heart proble [...]

14th March 2022|

Mr Philip Kaloo, Consultant Gynaecologist

A number of women have been in touch with us following Spire Healthcare contacting them as former patients of Mr Philip Kaloo, Consultant Gynaecologist, as part of a review of treatment and surgery performed on patients under his care at Nuffield Health Cheltenham and the Winfield Hospital in Glouce [...]

1st March 2022|

Hydroxychloroquine-related retinal toxicity causing loss of vision

We have been acting for a delightful lady (aged 85) in connection with a clinical negligence claim against her local hospital arising from negligent treatment which she received for an ongoing eye problem. By way of summary, our client was under the care of a consultant rheumatologist at the Defenda [...]

16th December 2021|

Lisfranc injury compensation

BRIEF BACKGROUND We have been acting for a client (aged 57) in connection with a clinical negligence claim against the Doncaster Royal Infirmary arising from treatment he received in their A&E Department during October 2018. Briefly on 01 October 2018, he attended A&E at the hospital followi [...]

29th October 2021|

Failure to prescribe human growth hormone

We have been acting for the parents of a young woman aged 22 (lacking capacity so she is a protected party) in connection with a clinical negligence claim against the Mid Staffs Hospital arising from treatment she received when she was a child between 2003 and 2004. Briefly, our client was born prem [...]

22nd October 2021|

In memory of Baby Hunter

Seamus Edney at S J Edney Solicitors is acting for a Miss Maisie Price, the mother of baby Hunter who sadly died on 14 August 2019 aged only three months. She and her partner are unhappy with treatment Hunter received from Great Western Hospital in Swindon on the 13 and 14 August 2019. Briefly, on 1 [...]

9th August 2021|

Pressure sores/ulcers due to neglect by a care home

We have been acting for the family of the deceased (aged 66) who were unhappy with treatment which he received from a Care Home in London from December 2018 to June 2019. Briefly, the deceased had been discharged to the Care Home from hospital during December 2018 following back surgery. He had earl [...]

28th April 2021|

18-month delay in diagnosis of prostate cancer

We have been acting for a delightful client (now aged 80) who was unhappy with treatment he received from his GP in Swindon during March 2016. Briefly, in March 2016, our client saw his GP complaining of loose stools, weight loss and general malaise. A number of blood tests were performed, including [...]

28th April 2021|
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