Fractured nose from faulty Argos bed £55,000

Our client, a 40-year old lady and her husband were assembling an Argos storage bed for their son, when the base of the bed sprung up, hitting our client in her face. The force of the impact caused her to suffer the loss of two front teeth and a fracture to her nose. Our Client argued that the bed w [...]

25th February 2017|

Back injury at work causes disabling pain £70,000

We acted for a client (now aged 46) employed by a company in Ledbury, Glos as a printer. During January 2013, he was attempting to replace one of the sleeves on a printing press when it became jammed and, whilst attempting to remove it, he sustained a soft tissue injury to his lower back. He was lef [...]

25th February 2014|

Sash window severs tip of finger at work £10,360

Our Client (aged 33) was working as a contractor, painting in a school. A sash window he was painting shut on his fingers, severing a small section of the top of his right middle finger. As a result of his injury, he found it difficult to play his guitar and required silicone tips for use when doing [...]

25th February 2014|

Delivery driver hit by falling metal plate in lift £2,900

One of our clients (aged 38) was employed in Swindon as a delivery driver for a local furniture company. During January 2012, he visited a block of flats in Swindon to deliver a sofa to a customer. To do so, he had to travel in a lift from the ground floor to the lower ground floor. As the lift door [...]

25th February 2014|

Minor head injuries following accident in own garage £6,000

We represented a 48-year-old lady who was injured when the door of a garage she was renting fell on her head. She sustained soft tissue injuries to the top of her head and went on to develop intense severe headaches and a stiff neck as a result of the injury. At the time of settlements she had fully [...]

25th February 2014|

Defective lift £69,000

We acted for a delightful elderly client (now aged 94) who was involved in a terrible accident at her home in September 2010. Briefly, on the day in question, she fell from a malfunctioning through-floor lift, falling a distance of some 3ft to the ground, causing a fracture to her left femur. She wa [...]

25th February 2013|

Unsafe ankle boots £10,000

One of our clients (aged 52 at the time) purchased some ankle boots from a shoe shop in the outlet village in Swindon during November 2008. During December 2008, whilst she was out shopping wearing her new ankle boots, she slipped and fell due to a defect in one of the heels (it had not been properl [...]

25th February 2012|

Scalding injury £4,000

We acted for a delightful lady (aged 86) who suffered a scalding injury at her home in Swindon during September 2009. On the day in question, she was receiving care from an employee of a care agency. This employee filled two hot water bottles and placed them behind our client’s back to make her more [...]

25th February 2012|

Accident at hotel £12,500

One of our clients (aged 58), who is registered disabled, stumbled on some defective steps while attending a social occasion on 18th September 2010 at a hotel in Cheltenham. The steps in question gave way under his weight, causing him to fall and land on his right knee. Unfortunately, this accident [...]

25th February 2011|

Faulty examination couch £5,835

A bizarre accident happened to our client (aged 41) while attending a routine hospital consultation on 4th August 2009. She was asked lie down on the examination couch, which was being elevated. When it reached the top, the mechanism failed and the couch dropped vertically some 12 to 18 inches, caus [...]

25th February 2011|
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