Accident on M25 £18,900

We acted for a family of three who were involved in a road traffic accident during November 2007 on the M25. Their car collided with a foreign registered lorry which caused their car to spin out of control and hit the central reservation. The driver and his passenger (1) sustained whiplash injuries [...]

1st March 2009|

RTA fatality £32,000

In a very sad case, we were acting for the driver and his passenger (1) together with the estate of his second passenger (2) who was killed in the road accident during September 2007. The driver had collected his mother-in-law (who was aged 87) at the time from a nursing home in Purton, Swindon and [...]

1st March 2009|

Foot injury £10,500

One of our clients, a lady (aged 59) who lives in London was involved in a road accident during February 2008. Briefly, she and her daughter were crossing a large cul-de-sac. Just before they had reached the pavement on the other side of the road, a car (coming from their left) nearly collided with [...]

1st March 2009|

Grand mal epileptic seizures £17,500

In June 2005, one of our clients (who was aged 57) was suffering from left-sided sciatica, brought on by a lifting accident at work. Following an MRI scan, she was advised that she had an L4/L5 disc prolapse. She was advised to have an epidural injection. This was duly carried out by a doctor at a l [...]

1st March 2009|

Back injury £6,000

One of our clients (who is now aged 42) developed a bad back during the course of her employment with the Defendant, a company based in Swindon, during 2006. Her job title changed and she was now expected to do heavy work which in turn caused her to suffer from back pain. It was our case that this n [...]

28th February 2009|

Employee falls down the stairs £14,000

Another client (aged 37) suffered an injury at work during December 2005. She was coming down some metal stairs, which were difficult to negotiate. She was carrying a file. She is not sure exactly what happened but she fell down the stairs (from half way up all the way down to the bottom), landing a [...]

28th February 2009|

Care assistant caught MRSA from nursing home £6,000

Our client (aged 44) was employed as a Care Assistant at a Nursing Home in Trowbridge. She received very little (if any) training in infection control measures. As part of her duties, she was required to wash and dress a number of elderly residents. She was prone to suffering from eczema which her e [...]

28th February 2009|

Assault at work £45,000

We were acting for a young woman (aged 28) who was the victim of a horrific assault whilst at work during May 2007. At the time, she was working as a Support Worker for a Care Agency in Gloucester. She had to visit a 17-year-old male at his flat. During this visit, he tried to pull a bag over her he [...]

28th February 2009|

Back injury caused by unsafe work practice £15,500

Our client (aged 29) was employed as a productive operative by Honda at their car factory in Swindon. During the course of his employment he undertook a number of tasks which required him to turn and twist his body into various positions and he found this to be difficult as he was very tall. There w [...]

28th February 2009|

Trapped stiletto heel causes broken arm £11,700

One of our clients (aged 49) attended her daughter’s wedding reception at a hotel in Swindon. The dance floor at the reception was only a temporary construction and had been erected beforehand. There were small gaps between the floor panels. Whilst our client was dancing, one of her stiletto heels g [...]

25th February 2009|
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