We have been acting for a client who was unhappy with treatment he received at Great Western Hospital. During February 2012 (when he was only aged 48), he was admitted to the hospital complaining of a number of neurological symptoms (headache, dizziness and general unsteadiness). He was, however, advised that he was suffering with a migraine only and was discharged. About two weeks later, he was readmitted and a diagnosis of a stroke secondary to vertebral artery dissection (VAD) was made.

It was our case that, on his first attendance at the hospital, he had early stages of a stroke, and if this had been diagnosed and treated promptly, the outcome for him would have been much improved. He is fortunate that he has a very understanding employer so he was able to return to work, but he has now been left with long-term neurological problems which could have been avoided with earlier treatment.

The hospital accepted liability and we were able to settle this case without the need to issue proceedings.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £318,000 for this client during 2016

Doctor photo showing stethoscope