We have been acting for a client (now aged 39) who was unhappy with treatment that she received from an optician during April 2012. Briefly, she had been experiencing symptoms of flashing in her right eye which continued intermittently. She attended the opticians, who advised her that she only had slight conjunctivitis and told her to start a course of eye drops. Her symptoms worsened and she eventually attended Great Western Hospital in Swindon, where the on-call registrar made a diagnosis of retinal detachment in her right eye. She was transferred to Bristol Eye Hospital where she underwent surgery.

Unfortunately, she has now been left with permanently impaired vision, impacting on her ability to continue working and her life generally at home, caused by the opticians’ negligence. Fortunately, she runs her own cleaning company and this injury has not greatly impacted on her business.

It was our case that the optician should have referred our client to hospital immediately for investigation/treatment and if this had happened, her injury would have been avoided. Proceedings had to be issued at Court and eventually the parties were able to agree upon a settlement.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £70,000 for this client during 2015