In a very sad case, we acted for the widow of a man (aged only 49) who had received treatment at the Royal United Hospital in Bath during 2006 for bowel cancer. He had undergone surgery at the hospital on 24th July 2006 to remove this cancer, which was successful. In the late hours of 5th August 2006, he re-attended the hospital again as he was not eating properly, vomiting, had suffered from diarrhoea over the last few days and was experiencing abdominal discomfort.

After being examined and given some fluid resuscitation, the deceased was discharged during the early hours of 6th August 2006. On returning home, he still felt unwell and, during that evening, he had to be readmitted to the hospital. By now, he had a rigid abdomen. The hospital diagnosed a sepsis caused by a perforated bowel from the earlier surgery and he underwent a further operation during the early hours of 7th August 2006. Unfortunately, he suffered a cardiac arrest and died.

It was our case that this delay in him being admitted to the hospital resulted in him becoming much weaker/more septic and he was not strong enough to survive the second operation. His wife had initially instructed another firm of solicitors to act for her but they declined as they were not prepared to act for her on a no win no fee basis. She instructed our firm and we had to issue proceedings straightaway due to the impending limitation deadline. Fortunately, shortly after serving the proceedings on the Hospital Trust, we were able to negotiate a settlement for our client.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £202,500 for this client and her two dependent children in 2010.