Failing to diagnose a scaphoid fracture £15,000

We acted for a young man (aged 22) who injured his left wrist when he fell onto his hand heavily whilst playing football during September 2009. He had his left wrist x-rayed at the Chippenham Minor Injuries unit; these x-rays were later reviewed at the Royal United Hospital in Bath but, unfortunately, they missed that he had fractured his left scaphoid. It was only during February 2010, when he returned to his GP complaining of ongoing discomfort, that this fracture was spotted.

It was our case that this delay in diagnosis resulted in further treatment and a longer recovery period. The prognosis, however, for a full recovery was encouraging. A letter of claim was sent to the Hospital Trust and the parties were able to agree upon a satisfactory settlement.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £15,000 for this client in 2011