We acted for a client (aged 52) who was unhappy with treatment which he received from Shepton Mallet Treatment Centre (SMTC) during April 2009. Briefly, he had become aware of a lump in his right groin. He was told by his GP that he had a right inguinal hernia and was referred to the SMTC for its repair. On 30th April 2009, he underwent an operation which involved the fitting of a piece of mesh to repair the hernia.

Later, he became aware of a lump in his right groin and he was advised that the hernia had returned. He was reluctant to undergo further surgery to the hernia and so he lived with his symptoms until March 2012, when, at the Bath Clinic, he underwent a further surgical procedure to repair his hernia.

The original operation note was not entirely legible but it suggested that the original repair mesh had not been applied correctly. After writing to SMTC, they accepted that our client had not received treatment to an acceptable standard. We then agreed a settlement figure.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £10,000 for this client in 2013