One of our clients, a lady (aged 59) who lives in London was involved in a road accident during February 2008. Briefly, she and her daughter were crossing a large cul-de-sac. Just before they had reached the pavement on the other side of the road, a car (coming from their left) nearly collided with our client but unfortunately, one of its wheels came to rest on her left foot, breaking 3 metatarsals. It took her some 3 months before she was able to return to work and during this period she initially had to wear a plaster on her foot and later had to use crutches. She has made a good recovery from her injuries and the prognosis for a full recovery in the future was encouraging. There was no claim for loss of earnings.

Initially, the insurers of the driver disputed liability but after we provided them with a copy of the Police Accident report and witness Statements, they agreed to indemnify her and we were able to reach a satisfactory settlement of her claim without the need to issue Court proceedings.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £10,500 for this client in 2009