We have been acting for a young woman (now aged 30) who was working as a part-time sales assistant in Swindon and was involved in an accident at work and sustained a nasty injury to her leg.

Briefly, in October 2016, she was descending some steps at work (from the first floor to the shop floor), carrying an awkward shaped box when she lost her balance and fell down two or three steps injuring her right leg.

She was taken by ambulance to hospital and they confirmed that she had sustained open fractures to her right distal tibia and midshaft fibula.

She had to undergo surgery (a debridement and closure with tibial nail). On being discharged by the hospital, initially her leg was placed in a back-slab. Due to her ongoing physical symptoms she was unable to return to work and lost her job.

Our client was also psychologically damaged by what had happened to her. She became very conscious of the scarring on her leg caused by the accident and its cosmetic impact.

Following physiotherapy for her physical symptoms and therapy for her psychological symptoms, she made a good recovery. By early 2018 she was able to return to work. The prognosis for the future is very encouraging.

The parties were able to agree a settlement without the need to issue proceedings at Court.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £30,000.00 for this no win no fee client during 2018


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