We have been acting for a client, an employee at a car factory in Swindon, in connection with an injury which he sustained to his right dominant thumb in an accident at work in December 2012.

Briefly, our client (who was aged 50 at the time of his accident) was required in the course of his duties to throw away some scrap metals into a skip.  He was working with a colleague.  They pushed a trolley to the skip and then lifted the trolley into it, when a shelf on the trolley, fell off and landed on his right hand causing a severe injury to his thumb.  Unfortunately, he had to undergo surgery on his thumb requiring a partial amputation of its tip.  This caused him to develop hypersensitivity together with pain, stiffness, altered sensation and reduced grip and pinch strength in his thumb.

Although the insurers of the Defendant admitted primary liability, they maintained that he was partly to blame for what happened.  This was denied by our client.

He was signed off work for a considerable period of time.  During this period he received most of his salary as sick pay.  Eventually, his employer offered him a new job to accommodate his injury.

Proceedings had to be issued at Court shortly before this case was listed for Trial, the parties were able to agree upon a settlement.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £85,000.00 for this client during 2017