We have been acting for a client (now aged 57) who in February 2014, was involved in a serious road traffic accident when she was the front seat passenger in a motorcar which was involved in a head-on collision. Liability was not an issue.

Our client suffered a number of injuries including three rib fractures on her left side which left her with ongoing left sided abdominal symptoms and a wedge fracture of the 12th thoracic vertebral body leaving her with ongoing mild to moderate back pain.

She worked as a part-time cleaner before the accident on a modest salary and it was unlikely that she would be able to return to this type of work in the future although with time and further treatment the prognosis for recovery was reasonably encouraging. There was also an additional modest claim for care and medical expenses.

The insurers of the other party initially offered to settle her claim for £40,000 which we advised her to reject. After further negotiations and following the threat of us issuing proceedings, we eventually were able to settle her claim.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £60,000 for this client during 2016