Hip replacement £3,000

Our client (who is now aged 66) underwent a left total hip replacement at Great Western Hospital in Swindon during November 2011. The operation itself was successful. On returning home following his discharge, he noted the following two injuries:

  • a burn on his left hip (iliac crest) – which had occurred during the operation;
  • a pressure sore on his left heel – which had not been diagnosed or treated whilst he was a patient at the hospital.

In our view, both these injuries were evidence of sub-standard care. They had to be dressed (and re-dressed) by the nurse at his GP surgery and fortunately they quickly cleared up. The pressure sore could have been very serious as our client is a diabetic. After sending a letter of claim, we were able to agree upon a settlement for our client.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £3,000 for this client in 2012