In this very sad case, we acted for the husband of a young woman (only aged 37) who, during 2009, underwent a donor renal transplant at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford. Due to a transcription error, she was given an infected kidney. The error did not come to light until much later and, by then, the deceased had caught this infection and became resistant to anti-viral therapy. The transplant failed altogether and had to be removed. Sadly, her health continued to deteriorate and she died at the beginning of 2010. This had been caused by the infected kidney.

As well leaving a husband, she left two young children without a mother. We represented the family at the Inquest into her death and, later, in the civil claim for damages. Following their receipt of our letter of claim, the Hospital Trust admitted liability and, after protracted negotiations, we were able to reach a settlement. As part of the agreement, damages were going to be paid to the two dependent children. This settlement was approved by the Judge at Court.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £300,000 for this client in 2012