Our client was unhappy with medical treatment which she had received at the William Harvey Hospital in Kent during May 2007. She underwent a laparoscopy and, during this procedure, her inferior vena cava was severed by a trocar. The inferior vena cava is an artery which lies at the back of the abdominal wall.

Although this is a recognised complication, in this case there was no reason why the laparoscopy should have been unduly difficult or complicated. It was our case that this injury represented sub-standard care.

The Hospital Trust disputed liability and we had to issue proceedings. Fortunately, once their solicitors had reviewed the evidence, they agreed our client had a strong case and a settlement was concluded. Save for a laparotomy scar, she has made a complete recovery from this injury. She had a small claim for loss of earnings.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £12,000 for this client in 2010