We acted for a client (aged 55) who was unhappy with treatment which she received at the Great Western Hospital during 2011. Briefly, she had been complaining of swelling on her left middle finger and was on the waiting list for a mucus cyst excision.

During February 2011, she underwent day surgery to remove the cyst under a local anaesthetic. This procedure was performed by a registrar and, during it, some damage was caused to one of her tendons and she then needed a K-wire to be inserted into the finger. This resulted in her being left with a stiff finger which was now drooping downwards at its end. Fortunately, this injury did not impact upon on her ability to work but it did stop her from doing some of the heavier household chores at home.

It was our case that the excision procedure had been sub-standard and a letter of claim was sent to the Hospital Trust. They denied liability and argued that his type of damage was a rare but recognised and non-negligent complication of this surgery. Our hospital negligence solicitors disagreed and we issued proceedings on behalf of our client at Swindon County Court. Once solicitors were appointed by the Hospital Trust, we were able to agree upon a settlement for our client which took into account the litigation risk.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £8,500 for this client in 2013