We acted for a client (aged 42) who was involved in a serious road traffic accident during December 2009. This caused him to be paralysed from the chest down and he suffered a below knee amputation of his right leg. He was eventually transferred to Salisbury District Hospital for rehabilitation and, once discharged, he was under the care of district nurses.

Unfortunately, shortly before and after he was discharged, he was allowed to develop a sacral pressure sore which led to a fistula. He had to be readmitted to hospital and undergo extensive surgery to remedy this problem. Although he would have been reliant on a wheelchair and others for care in any event, because of his original accident, this negligent treatment now required him to have additional help and he was at risk of further medical complications in the future.

Medical negligence proceedings had to be issued in this case and eventually the parties were able to agree upon a settlement.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £140,000 for this client during 2015