Our client was aged 35 when she gave birth to her first child at Great Western Hospital, by way of an emergency caesarean section, in January 2008. She then had to be readmitted to the hospital during February 2008, complaining of leakage of urine from her vagina. She underwent further surgery which revealed a fistula from the right ureter which was causing the leakage. It was our case that the fistula had been negligently caused by suture ligation during the earlier caesarean section.

In May 2008, she underwent a procedure for re-implantation of the right ureter. During this period, our client had to spend some time away from her young baby which, understandably, caused her great unhappiness. She has now been left with an unsightly scar on her abdomen. Fortunately, her physical symptoms have resolved.

A letter of claim was submitted on our client’s behalf to the Hospital Trust and their solicitors denied liability. They maintained that she had been unlucky and had suffered from a “recognised complication” of this type of procedure. Proceedings were issued at Swindon County Court and the parties were then able to reach a settlement.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £30,000 for this client in 2011