In August 2005, one of our clients (a young mother aged 31) underwent a full haemorrhoidectomy at the Shepton Mallett Treatment Centre in Somerset. It was our case that she had only consented to the more minor procedure of injecting a small residual haemorrhoid and the removal of a skin tag. As a consequence of the more major surgery, she then went on to suffer constipation, recurrent infections and anal fissures.

These complications led to a substantial deterioration in her defecatory function, resulting in the need for more major surgery which would not have been required at all or, alternatively, the need for which had been accelerated by a period of about 13 years due to a pre-disposition to obstructed defecation and slow gut transit.

The alleged negligence had a major impact on the Claimant’s life and caused her to suffer from severe depression. This was a particularly difficult case as the Defendant disputed liability and, in particular, causation. Both parties experts took very different views on the cause of the Claimant’s symptoms.

Proceedings were issued and we were eventually able to negotiate a settlement on her behalf without the need for this matter to proceed to trial.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £175,000 for this client during 2010