Whilst our client was only aged 11, he attended his GP complaining of muscular pain in his thigh and hip. He was unable to weight-bear and was in a great deal of discomfort. His GP prescribed him with some painkillers and told him to rest. It later transpired that he had, in fact, had a minor slippage of his right upper femoral epiphysis. This injury was only diagnosed much later on but, by then, it was too late to repair the damage and our client was left with a permanent hip disability.

On reaching adulthood, he consulted a firm of solicitors who advised him that he did not have any claim. He decided to obtain a second opinion from our firm. Our own expert evidence supported a claim that if he had been referred by his GP to hospital immediately, then his hip problem would have been avoided.

The Medical Defence Union of the GP in question disputed liability. Proceedings had to be issued at Court and, shortly before Trial, the Defendant agreed to compensate him for his injury.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained £40,000 for this client in 2006