One of our clients (now aged 75) was having her toenails trimmed at a foot care centre when the Chiropodist accidentally cut her big toe. The cut was wiped with a sterile swab, but was not dressed and no wound care advice was given. Our client bathed her toe, applied Savlon and fresh sterile dressings morning and evening but the wound remained very sore. A week later, her toe had become more painful and inflamed so she visited her GP and was seen by the practice nurse. She was given antibiotics, which consequently made her very sick and so had to be changed. Over the following month he was unable to wear closed-toe shoes, which was particular uncomfortable as it was winter. After two months, our client’s symptoms failed to resolve and she had to undergo nail avulsion surgery. It was a number of weeks before this healed fully and she is now self conscious of her missing toenail when exposing her feet.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £3,250 for this client during 2015.