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Swindon Solicitors for Medical Negligence & Personal Injury

We also have interviewing offices in Cheltenham, Oxford and Bristol.

Free Zoom appointments with Seamus Edney to all new potential clients for no charge.

Swindon Solicitors for Medical Negligence & Personal Injury

We also have interviewing offices in Cheltenham, Oxford and Bristol.

Free Zoom appointments with Seamus Edney to all new potential clients for no charge.

FREEPHONE (24 hours) 0800 421 234

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Swindon Solicitors S. J. Edney specialise exclusively in Medical Negligence and Personal Injury compensation claims. If you have been involved in an accident, or have been the victim of medical negligence  and have suffered physical and/or psychological harm, you may have the legal right to obtain compensation for your injuries, loss of wages and other financial losses, even if the accident was partly your own fault.


We are no win no fee Solicitors with a high success rate and have gained millions of pounds in compensation for our clients during the last 26 years. We have a great reputation as a highly accredited Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Solicitors in Swindon with an excellent reputation for client satisfaction. Please read our Testimonials and our Press & Media coverage.


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Highly Accredited Swindon Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Solicitors

S. J. Edney Solicitors have been established since July 1996 and have offices in Swindon, Cheltenham, Oxford and Bristol. S. J. Edney Solicitors are Personal Injury Solicitors.  Seamus Edney has over 30 years’ experience of personal injury and clinical negligence work and maintains an exclusively Claimant specialist practice.

Seamus is one only of a handful of solicitors in the country to be on Law Society’s Specialist Panel for Clinical Negligence. He is also on the Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) Specialist Clinical Negligence Panel. He holds Senior Litigator status with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

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We are members of:

  • The Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel
  • Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) Lawyers’ Service
  • Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

We only act for victims of accidents. We specialise exclusively in personal injury and medical negligence cases.

S. J. Edney are a small firm (out of choice) and we believe that the key to our success is to ensure that we provide all our clients with an excellent service at all times – we know if we don’t, we simply will not survive. We have excellent testimonials. Please read some of these here.

We are no win no fee Solicitors – you pay nothing if you lose!

Starting a case on a no win no fee basis means that if your compensation claim is not successful, you do not pay your solicitor’s fees.

If we win your case, the majority of your legal costs are likely to be paid by the defendant party, or their insurers. This enables people who have a valid claim to pursue a legal action, even if you don’t have the funds available for costly legal bills.

The amount of compensation depends upon the circumstances of each specific case.  For example: a medical negligence claimant whose complications caused a lifelong disability will likely be awarded many times the level of compensation awarded to someone who had a fall which kept them off work for a few weeks. Once we have details of your injuries and financial losses, our no win no fee solicitors will be able to give you an idea of what compensation you could receive. Contact us to discuss your claim. Please read some of our past cases to find out if we have a case similar to yours and the amount of compensation we have achieved for previous clients.

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An initial telephone consultation is usually adequate for us to establish if you have a claim which can be handled on a no win no fee basis. Although not always necessary, our clients will often visit one of our offices to discuss the claim in more detail, or we can visit you at home or in hospital.  We conduct our own investigation into what happened and, if we feel that you have a valid case for an accident claim against a third party, we will begin the legal process on your behalf.

Because we have high success rates, we are confident of a successful outcome and you may receive significant damages, depending on the extent of your injuries. Sometimes, a case will go to Court if the other party wishes to fight it but usually this is not necessary, particularly if the other party accepts liability and makes a reasonable offer to settle a client’s case out of court. Either way, you will work with a highly qualified, local Swindon solicitor who is a specialist in no win no fee claims and we will fight very hard to win your case and obtain maximum compensation for you.

If you need a dental or medical negligence solicitor or a specialist in accident claims or elderly care claims, why not contact S. J. Edney free, to discuss your accident and discover if you have a claim for compensation? You have nothing to lose!


We have over 30 years experience and know that our highly experienced, yet friendly approach will put you at ease. Seamus is approachable, personable and achieves excellent results for clients.

Speak to our No Win No Fee Solicitors Now!

If you need a dental or medical negligence solicitor or a specialist in accident claims or elderly care claims, why not contact S. J. Edney free, to discuss your accident and discover if you have a claim for compensation? You have nothing to lose! Contact details for our solicitors are below so that you can speak directly to our solicitors about your claim.

Seamus Edney No Win No Fee Solicitor in Swindon, Medical Negligence and Personal Injury Specialist

Solicitor: Seamus Edney
Role: Solicitor
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Seamus is one only of a handful of solicitors in the country to be on The Law Society’s Specialist Panel for Clinical Negligence. He also holds Senior Litigator status with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

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How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

Here are some of our most recent cases

Missed cancer case

Seamus Edney at S J Edney Solicitors is acting for the family of the late Mr Stephen Hall who sadly died on the 20 March [...]

A few comments from past clients

As a lawyer myself I think I am capable of identifying a good service and most importantly specialist expertise.

….made this process far easier through their attention to detail, constant communication, and thoughtful understanding of our situation. …..

Excellent communication and service since first contact until case was successfully closed.

Latest News

Emerade adrenalin pen failures

BBC News are reporting on the failure of an Emerade adrenalin pen used by 14-year-old nut allergy sufferer, Amber Sheppard. It is reported that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) issued warnings about Emerade pens failing to activate in both July and October 2019, with healthcare professionals being told to stop prescribing them from November 2019. At the end of November 2019, the MHRA issued a recall of all unused devices. It appears that this recall has not happened [...]

Road traffic accident with uninsured driver

We have been acting for a client (now aged 37) in connection with a road traffic accident during January 2017. Briefly, on the day in question, he was travelling as a rear seat passenger in his employer’s van on the M4, when it was involved in a high-speed collision with the Defendant’s motor car.  The impact was to the rear of the vehicle in which he was travelling.  The Defendant was travelling well in excess of 100 mph. As a consequence of the accident, he sustained a number of injuries:- A h [...]

Forklift accident at work causes fractured knee

We have been acting for a client (aged 39) in connection with a personal injury claim arising from an accident at work in May 2016. Briefly, our client is employed as a carpenter/landscaper.  On the day of his accident, he was working in his employer’s loading bay attempting to repair a pothole.  The area had been coned off.  He was wearing a high visibility jacket. Without warning a forklift truck being driven by an employee of another company on site, hit him from behind throwing him forward a [...]

Rare Neglect Verdict at Inquest & Medical Negligence Claim

S J Edney solicitors were instructed to represent the family of an elderly lady (‘H’) who was in her 80’s, in connection with an Inquest after her death and subsequent clinical negligence claim. H had an enterocutaneous abdominal fistula secondary to earlier laparotomy surgeries.


S J Edney Solicitors are horrified to learn that another GP has been found guilty of sexual assaults on female patients. Dr Manesh Shah, who appears to be from Romford, London, is said to have assaulted his victims between May 2009 and June 2013.

Six people dead from Listeria outbreak in pre-packaged NHS hospital food

It has been reported that a sixth person has now died from Listeriosis after eating a Good Food Chain pre-packaged sandwich whilst at Weston Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. It is understood that Good Food Chain supply 43 Hospital Trusts across England with pre-packaged sandwiches and salads. In total, nine people are said to have fallen ill after eating the contaminated food, which is reportedly thought to have been chicken sandwiches. Public Health England (PHE) has said the latest death [...]

Sepsis (or Septicemia) Negligence Claims

We were alarmed to read in the Times last week that twice as many people are now being admitted to hospital with sepsis than 3 years ago (according to recent figures released by the NHS). Last year there were 350,344 admissions in which sepsis, which can quickly lead to organ failure and death, was given as the first or subsequent diagnosis. This compared with 169,125 three years earlier. At least 52,000 people die every year in the UK from sepsis, and a quarter of survivors have long-term probl [...]

New discount rate in personal injury claims from 5th August 2019

The Lord Chancellor David Gauke angered insurers this week with his decision to continue to set a negative personal injury discount rate of minus 0.25% as from the 05 August 2019. The discount rate is very important when assessing future damages in a personal injury case. When the Court calculates future losses, it has to apply a multiplier to allow for the Claimant’s life expectancy. The starting point is the “usual” life expectancy taken from standard life tables, which then have to be adjuste [...]

Compensation for metatarsal fractures sustained from falling barrel

We have been acting for a client (aged 21) in connection with a personal injury claim against her former employer, a hotel in Swindon, arising from injuries she received during an accident in December 2016. Briefly, at the material time, she was working on the function bar at the hotel when she was instructed by her manager to change the barrel in the cellar. Whilst attempting to do so, one of the barrels fell from above her onto her foot causing fractures to three of her metatarsals, which req [...]

Hospital missed spinal fracture in elderly patient

We were initially instructed by the family of an elderly client who sadly died during the course of the case. Briefly, at the material time, the deceased was aged 88. He had multiple co-morbidities and his mental test scores were low, probably because of previous cerebral vascular accidents or strokes. During June 2016, he fell over in his bedroom and hit his back against a chair. The following day, a visiting GP attributed his deteriorating symptoms to a chest infection but noted he had bruisin [...]

Compensation for hip fracture sustained after accident in supermarket

We have been acting for a client (aged 64) in connection with a personal injury claim against a well-known supermarket arising from an accident at one of their stores during December 2017. Briefly, on the day in question, our client went to her local supermarket to do some shopping. She had picked up a sandwich and drink and was moving to the next section to get some crisps when she tripped over a footstool/small kickstand which had been left in the aisle beside the sandwich section making it d [...]

Compensation for GP’s delayed diagnosis of breast cancer

S J Edney Solicitors were successful in securing compensation for a 50-year-old lady who suffered an 18-month delay in the diagnosis of breast cancer. In June 2013, our Client attended her GP and reported the lump in her breast. She was examined and told that it was likely to be a muscle overlying her breast tissue and was normal. 18 months later, she re-attended her GP as a friend had suggested that she have the lump checked again. She was referred urgently to an Oncologist. Sadly, our Client w [...]

Compensation for hospital’s failure to notice blood loss following surgery

We acted for a 50-year-old gentleman who sustained injuries following a Hospital’s failure to recognise that he was suffering from post-operative bleeding following an emergency appendectomy. What went wrong? On Christmas Day our Client was referred by his local Out of Hours service to the Hospital for suspected appendicitis. At lunch time on Boxing Day, he underwent a laparoscopic appendicectomy (surgical removal of his appendix). Following surgery, our Client was observed regularly until later [...]

Compensation for soft tissue injury and ulnar neuritis sustained after tripping at work

The claim Our Client, a 56-year-old-lady, was employed by a large UK-based company as a delivery driver. In the course of her employment, she parked her van in an approved works parking area. It was dark at the time. She had to walk past some stacked wooden pallets and, as she did so, her right foot caught in plastic strapping which was attached to one of the lower pallets and was trailing across the walkway. As a result, she fell to the ground. The injuries Our Client sustained a soft tissue in [...]

Do you know who’s treating you? The case of Zholia Alemi

The case of Zholia Alemi is as deeply concerning as it is utterly bizarre. Alemi is reported to be a 55-year-old New Zealander. It seems that she dropped out of medical school in her native New Zealand during her first year of study. In 1995 she registered as a Psychiatrist in the UK, falsely claiming to have a medical degree from Auckland University. That she was able to do this despite holding no medical qualification whatsoever is deeply concerning. More worrying still is that Alemi then app [...]

Hospital-acquired staphylococcus aureus infection from an injection

We have been acting for a delightful elderly gentlemen (now aged 87) in connection with medical negligence claim against Cheltenham General Hospital. Briefly, our client was seen by a consultant at the hospital in December 2015 as he needed to be treated for ongoing triggering of the right little finger/right thumb and severe arthritis. He was advised to have an operation to release the trigger digits, and an injection of the right wrist. In April 2016 he was admitted to hospital for this treatm [...]

Sub-standard care of a fractured tibia led to compartment syndrome

In a sad case, we had been acting for a client in connection with a claim against Great Western Hospital arising from treatment which his late mother (the deceased) received at the hospital during April 2013. Briefly, in April 2013, the deceased (who was aged 44) had an accident in a park close to her home and sustained a simple two part closed fracture of her right tibia. She was admitted to the hospital and underwent two operations, the first on the day of her admission (when an unsuccessful a [...]

Prescribing error causes height restriction in child

We acted for a delightful young lady (now aged 21) in connection with a claim against Boots plc arising from a prescribing error. Briefly, Boots admitted they had negligently prescribed the wrong strength of the wrong drug (designed to assist our client with her puberty) between May 2010 and August 2010 when she was a child. Our client has a complicated medical history and this drug overdose impacted on her development. Our independent medical expert confirmed that the prescribing error and caus [...]

Sub-standard care following bowel surgery causes retracted stoma

This is a clinical negligence claim brought by one of our clients (now aged 44) who was unhappy with medical treatment which she received at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford during January 2013. Briefly she underwent surgery at the hospital following a ruptured bowel. She was not critical of this operation. Shortly afterwards, she required four drains to be inserted in her abdomen as it was filling up with fluid and had become very swollen. Her doctor advised the nurses to remove a few stap [...]

Pedestrian run down on zebra crossing suffers multiple fractures

We have been acting for a client (now aged 59) who was involved in a road traffic accident in Kent during February 2017. Briefly, on the day in question, he was crossing a busy road on a zebra pedestrian crossing, when a motorcar negligently drove into him causing him to fall over and to sustain the following injuries: Multiple fractures to his left wrist A fracture to his right acetabulum (the socket of the hip bone which the head of the femur fits) He was taken by ambulance to hospital and und [...]