We acted for a client who was unhappy with the medical treatment which she received during June 2008 when he was aged 53. Briefly, he had been complaining of ongoing back and sciatic pain since May 2008 and his GP referred him to the Back Clinic at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon where he was examined by a Clinical Physiotherapist employed by Swindon PCT. Our client had been systematically unwell and in particular, was complaining of a number of “red flag” symptoms which included poor appetite, dramatic weight loss, dark urine and an inability to sit for long periods. It was our case that he should have been referred immediately at this time to a doctor for further investigation. The physiotherapist referred him for an MRI scan to be arranged later on.

During August 2008, he suffered a stroke which was found to be secondary to a condition called streptococcal mitral valve endocarditis. This has now left him with a significant disability and he had a substantial claim for loss of earnings, care, equipment, therapies and accommodation. It was our case that:

  • if he had been referred to a doctor immediately during June 2008 this would have resulted in an early diagnosis of endocarditis;
  • this condition could then have been treated with antibiotics which, in turn, would have avoided his stroke during August 2008.

A letter of claim was sent to Swindon PCT who initially denied liability. Proceedings had to be issued in the High Court. On filing a Defence, they admitted liability and shortly before this matter had been listed for trial, a settlement was reached between the parties.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £835,000 for this client in 2013