We acted for a client (aged 42) who was involved in an accident during February 2007 when he fell from his bicycle. He had been riding along a narrow country lane in Wiltshire when his bike hit a large pothole in the road which was filled with rainwater. As a result, he was thrown off his bike, hitting the road and fracturing his left clavicle.

The Highway Authority responsible for this stretch of road was Wiltshire County Council, who vigorously denied liability for his accident. They tried to pass the blame onto Network Rail, who had also been working in this area at the material time. Proceedings had to be issued at Court and, once these had been served on their solicitors, they admitted liability straightaway.

Fortunately, our client made a complete recovery from his injury although he has been left with an unsightly lump on his shoulder.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained £6,000 for this client in 2008