One of our clients (who was aged 63 at the time) was admitted to the Great Western Hospital in Swindon during August 2007 with a complaint of progressive abdominal swelling caused by his underlying heart condition.

Various investigations were carried out by the hospital which included a rectal biopsy. At the time, he was on Tinzaparin (an injectable low weight heparin). This biopsy caused him to have a very severe rectal bleed and he had to be admitted to ICU. During his stay at the hospital he then went onto develop a very serious sacral pressure sore.

It was our case that the Tinzaparin should have been stopped at least 24 hours prior to his biopsy, which would have prevented his rectal bleed which, in turn, would have avoided his subsequent renal problems and poor health. Furthermore, the development of the pressure sore itself was evidence of sub-standard care.

Fortunately, our client made a good recovery from this episode although he has been left with some mobility problems caused by the pressure sore. After corresponding with the hospital, we were able to obtain settlement for him.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained £20,000 for this client during 2009

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