Our client (who was aged 77 at the time) was receiving treatment at St Georges Hospital in South London for the recurrence of left distal ureteric transitional cell cancer. It was agreed that her left kidney and ureter should be removed. It was also agreed that a large incisional hernia on her left side should also be repaired at the same time. This procedure duly took place on 2nd August 2007.

Unfortunately, our client’s health deteriorated following this operation. A CT on her abdomen on 8th August 2007 identified a “retained foreign body”. This subsequently proved to be a surgical instrument which had been left behind by the surgeon and had to be removed in a second operation on 8th August 2007.

As a consequence of this mistake, the original hernia repair was “undone” and our client was left with a much bigger hernia and an apron of skin, which was very unsightly and caused her a great deal of cosmetic embarrassment. It was unlikely that she would benefit from any further surgery to improve its appearance.

Fortunately, the hospital admitted negligence following our letter of claim and we were able to negotiate a settlement for her.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £35,000 for this client during 2009