We have been acting for a client (aged 41) who, in October 2015, was a pedestrian intending to cross the road between parked cars directly in front of her flat in London, when she was knocked over by a car.

It is acknowledged that when she stepped into the road, she misjudged the speed of the other driver and as a consequence, there was a collision and she sustained fractures to her lower back and hip. She had to undergo surgery.

Although blame attached to our client for the accident, in that she did not properly check the road to make sure it was safe before crossing, it was our case that some blame also attached to the driver in that she was driving too fast.

Correspondence was exchanged between our firm and the driver’s insurers and they initially refused to make any admission of liability.

It was only after we threatened to issue proceedings, the parties were able to reach a settlement. On our advice, the client agreed that she was 60% to blame for the accident but she was still entitled to recover 40% of her overall damages which was a significant sum.

She has made a good recovery from her injuries and the prognosis for the future is encouraging.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £25,000.00 for this client during 2018