One of our clients was employed by a company in Swindon and was initially involved in an accident at work during December 2003, when he tripped over a piece of plastic piping on the ground which had been covered with leaves. This pipe had been left there by a contractor employed by his employer. Then, during September 2004, whilst working at his employer’s premises, he slipped on some loose salt which had been spilt on the floor, causing him to fall over again. As a result of the first accident, our client suffered an injury to his right ankle and developed back pain. Following the second accident, he exacerbated his back pain.

The case involved three separate Defendants and proceedings had to be issued. Once the parties had obtained their own medical evidence, a settlement was achieved for our client.

For the first accident, our client was awarded £4,650 in 2008.
For the second accident, our client was awarded £40,000 in 2008