One of our clients (aged 58) developed knee/leg pain whilst out jogging during April 2014. He attended the A & E department at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, where they x-rayed his knee and told him he had a ligament problem. Due to severe leg pain, he re-attended the A & E department again during May 2014 and was simply put on the waiting list as an outpatient to see a consultant.

Some four weeks later, he saw a private doctor who arranged for him to have an MRI scan/x-ray of his leg, when he was told that he had, in fact, fractured his shin. Once the correct diagnosis was made, and with appropriate treatment, he made a speedy recovery.

It was our case that there had been a delay of two months in the correct diagnosis being made and, if this had happened initially, the pain and suffering our client experienced would have been reduced. A formal letter of claim was sent to the Hospital Trust and they agreed to compensate our client accordingly.

S. J. Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £2,000 for this client during 2015