This is a clinical negligence claim brought by one of our clients (now aged 44) who was unhappy with medical treatment which she received at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford during January 2013.

Briefly she underwent surgery at the hospital following a ruptured bowel. She was not critical of this operation.

Shortly afterwards, she required four drains to be inserted in her abdomen as it was filling up with fluid and had become very swollen. Her doctor advised the nurses to remove a few staples to help relieve the pressure and some of the fluid. It is our case, disputed by the Defendant, that all the staples were removed and, as a result, her wound opened up.

She then had a vac dressing applied to help close the wound. Our client maintained that it was applied incorrectly and, as a consequence, caused her stoma to retract and left her with a black hole in her abdomen where the stoma had been. This was also disputed by the hospital.

Our client was eventually discharged by the hospital during March 2013. She underwent a reversal of the stoma during June 2013 which was successful.

The alleged sub-standard care received at the hospital following her surgery in January 2013 had a major physical and psychological impact on her health. She has been unable to return to work.

Although our client has made a good physical recovery, she still complains of ongoing psychological symptoms which impact on the quality of her life. She has (and still is) receiving treatment/counselling for these problems. The prognosis for the future is reasonably encouraging.

Liability was disputed by the Hospital Trust and proceedings had to be issued at Court. This case was listed for a 4 day in Trial in November 2018. Following a mediation appointment, the parties continued with their negotiations and were eventually able to settle the claim without the need for Trial.

S J Edney solicitors obtained compensation of £174,000.00 for this client during 2018